Tuesday, January 26, 2016


It's #creditbuilderday 

Assets & Opportunity National Week of Action

The first-ever Assets & Opportunity National Week of Action will take place from January 25-29. The goal for the Week of Action is to call attention to the issues of economic insecurity and inequality that too many families across this country face, while highlighting the successful solutions that create an opportunity economy in which everyone has the chance to get ahead.
On Monday, January 25, we’ll launch the 2016 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard, which reveals that even several years after the recession ended, low- and moderate-income families are no more financially secure than they were during the height of the recession. Across the country, these families have settled into a “new normal,” in which they lack good credit scores, the savings needed to weather emergencies or build stronger futures, and information about solutions to help propel them toward prosperity.
However, there is some good news: there are numerous solutions which are tested and proven that help create an opportunity economy. From Tuesday through Friday (January 26-29), we will highlight four solutions that can change these outcomes: credit building, reining in predatory lending, children’s savings and EITC/VITA.

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